While many think 4-Wheel drive being the driving force for large SUV's through mud ridden terrain, but with all wheels in control of the vehicle, the benefits stretch further than just off-road capabilities. 

Precipitation creates dangerous, slippery conditions that require an even distribution of power for maximum traction. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive technology implemented in Subaru products provides a quicker response to wet roads. Why? Simply put, because it's Symmetrical. Most AWD systems are derivative from 2-Wheel drive systems. Power for the Symmetrical AWD system comes directly from Subaru's Boxer Engine, providing adequate power to each wheel, continuously, to prevent slippage in any road condition. This unique hardware balance gives Subaru vehicles greater on and off-road stability due to the setup's even weight distribution. The main advantages of this system are balance, control and traction. Heavy rainy season in Florida make Subaru's all-wheel drive vehicles a safe choice for those who are looking for a family vehicle. Finally, while other brands offer all-wheel drive engagement when the vehicle senses a need, Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System is continuously engaged, even during those precious moments when road conditions get hazardous and your family needs traction.