Dyer Subaru is making car shopping easier than grocery shopping by introducing a digital retailing option! If you've ever thought that there needs to be more options for car shopping online, we agree. That's why we've made it possible for you to buy from home! Once you buy cars online with us, you might not even want to go back to the traditional car-buying method. No matter what car it is that you want -  a certified pre-owned Subaru, used, brand new, or of a different brand - you can get yours while in the comfort of your 'jammies.

How Does It Work?

With the plague-like Coronavirus lurking over everything we do and informing every move we make, it's more important than ever that we don't take the decision to go outside and interact with people lightly. In the event that you don't want to take that risk (because, who can blame you?), we've set up the option for you to buy a new Subaru for sale from the comfort of your own home. To make a long story short, there are essentially six simple steps for you to take. After which, you'll have your vehicle, and you won't have to step a foot outside your door (until delivery).

  • Step 1. Research & Choose Your Car: This is the easiest step because most people already have a good idea of the car that they want to buy. You're not limited to just buying a new Subaru for sale, either. You can choose any model we have that you find online, including our used cars for sale.

  • Step 2. Pricing & Terms: During this step, you'll unlock an instant and straightforward price. If you're leasing or financing, you'll also see the terms here. Before you commit, you'll also get sent a full deal sheet that outlines every financial term and condition surrounding your purchase.

  • Step 3. Trade-Ins: Within 3 hours, you can get a solid trade-in offer from us. Whether or not you plan to actually buy a car, you can still redeem this offer in its entirety.

  • Step 4. Credit & Documentation: This is where we ask you to fill out a credit application and submit copies of important documents that we need to confirm your identity and purchase information. These include your driver's license and a valid insurance card. After this, you'll get another, updated deal sheet that takes your credit into account.

  • Step 5. Final Review: To make sure everything is correct, we'll ask you to review a final deal sheet with firm numbers that are based on your approved credit. Once you accept that, it's car time!

  • Step 6. Delivery: Think you have to visit us to pick up your car? Think again! One of our Delivery Specialists will bring your car to the doorstep of the location you've provided, whether it be your home or office. Our specialist will answer any questions and help you set up some of your car's technological features. If you have a trade-in, we'll collect that at this time.

Use Our Online Tools To Buy a Car From Home

After seeing how easy it can be, are you convinced to buy cars online yet? Not only do we make it easy to get your car with our online tools, but our new vehicle specials are also a great reason for you to buy cars online. Buying cars online is incredibly efficient. It saves you time spent at a dealership, gas money, and overall effort (you don't even have to get out of bed to buy a car if you don't want to). So, whenever you're ready, log on and get to buying the 21st-century way!

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