Donate & Save At Dyer Subaru

Donate & Save at Dyer Subaru

Donate & save at Dyer Subaru. We’re all fortunate enough to live in a place where the sun is almost always shining. Our pantries are full, our friends and families are near, and just about all of our needs are met. That’s not the case for everyone who lives in Vero Beach, FL. The Dyer Automotive Group loves to make a difference. Over the last few years especially, we’ve been touched by the outpouring of support from our community calling to volunteer with our charitable activities. The Donate & Save program is one of the ways we get to say thank you when you continue helping us on our mission to make life better for all.

Love. It’s What Makes Subaru, Subaru. And a Better Community

Subaru vehicles are known for their fun-loving capabilities. It’s not surprising that these vehicles attract people with the same personality traits. So if you’ve ever wanted your vehicle purchase or lease to mean more than just taking home another set of wheels, we think you’ll love the opportunity to support some of our favorite charities throughout the year. As thanks, we’ll help you save on service or your next purchase. Here’s a bit more about some of our charities that need our help.

  • Operation Hope (in Fellsmere) - This award-winning charity goes all in to empower youth & young adults with the education they need to have a meaningful future. Supporting this charity helps us reach out to those who might not get another chance to step into their brightest future.

  • Pathway Food Pantry - When you donate to this charity, you ensure that the “community cupboard” is always full. This organization specializes in helping people of all ages & races in our community. This charity is a great way to give back to all.

  • The Source- Contributing to The Source enables its representatives to provide the essentials to those in need. Targeting extreme poverty & homelessness, The Source will do everything from providing shoes, shelter, and the guidance needed to get life back on track.

  • Backpacks - In a unique partnership with LaPorte Farms, we’ll ensure that kids can not only get back to school but can do so with the right supplies needed to set themselves up for success. By filling our children’s new backpacks with the traveling supplies required to journey through life, we create the confident leaders of tomorrow.

  • Halo - When you partner with us to Help Animals Live & Overcome, we make sure our four-legged friends find nourishment, good health, and ultimately their forever home.

  • Toys for Tots This is one of the most recognizable charities in the country. With over 604M toys delivered to date, you can help the United States Marine Corps raise the spirits of our less fortunate children. By providing a new, unopened toy in our donation containers, you allow the U.S. Marines to collect them for distribution for underprivileged or hospitalized children at Christmas.

Contact us today for donation details with your select charity and receive a discount towards service or $100 off the purchase of your next vehicle. Here at Dyer, your Subaru dealer in Vero Beach, we can make a difference together.

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