Dyer Subaru Loyalty Program $500 Towards Your Next Purchase


Introducing the Dyer Loyalty Program, courtesy of your Subaru car dealership near Melbourne! Do you like money? Unless you're a Tibetan monk who has sworn off all worldly possessions, we bet the answer to that is a resounding yes!

So, we have just what you're looking for. Other customer loyalty programs might promise a lot and deliver very little. Not at Dyer Subaru! We help everyone who helps us by giving our loyal customers substantial credit to use towards their next purchase. Want to find out more about this elusive, one-of-a-kind loyalty program that actually rewards you for your loyalty? Keep reading below.

The Dyer Loyalty Program. Real Rewards for Real Drivers.

There's a lot more that's special about our dealership than just our new Subaru specials. The Dyer Loyalty Program is our way of saying thank you to everyone who has chosen Dyer Subaru as their go-to shop for all things automotive. By offering rewards, we're also offering more than just our thanks to you. We're giving you real, tangible benefits for shopping here and choosing to become a member of our not-so-small family in Vero Beach.

Our new Subaru specials are pretty great. But do you know what else is great? Watching the Dyer Subaru family of drivers grow week after week and year after year, and seeing the jubilance on their faces after another fun and successful visit to our store near Melbourne. It validates all of our efforts to create one of the finest car-shopping experiences in the nation.

Just for being a member of our family you get $500 credit to use towards various other purchases. This credit is flexible, too, because we know that not everything is black and white. Keep reading to find out exactly how you can use your loyalty program rewards the next time you shop with us.

Here Are the Rules

Not sure if you qualify? We've got a handy list that will provide some insight into this. Most of these rules just go to show how flexible our loyalty program rewards are, but there are some restrictions that you'll want to take a look at before getting ready to use your rewards.

  • Existing Dyer employees are not qualified
  • Unlimited yearly uses
  • Can be used at any Dyer location
  • Can be used on leases, new Subaru cars for sale, and used vehicles
  • Rewards may be transferred within a household
  • Minimum $10k purchase
  • You must have purchased from us previously
  • Vehicle must be in stock at any Dyer location
  • No cash back, rewards applied to purchase only

Use Your Rewards Wisely

Want to know how you can use your rewards? It's pretty simple. When you're ready to make a minimum $10k purchase on one of our used or new Subaru cars for sale, simply tell us that you'd like to apply your loyalty program rewards. Then, we'll get it squared away.

You will get $500 taken off of your purchase simply because you're a dedicated Dyer Subaru driver. Still not sure if you have rewards to use? Give us a call or contact us online. We can assess your status and let you know if you have a $500 reward waiting for you (hint: you probably do)!

Family Never Felt More Rewarding

It's a pretty simple idea. You reward the people who are loyal to you. You give them tangible benefits to show that you care. It's like giving your spouse a gift on Valentine's Day or taking them out to dinner (except our rewards can be used year-round).

When we take care of the people we value everyone wins. You deserve to be recognized for your loyalty to our Dyer Subaru dealership. After all, we aren't just a random car dealership near Melbourne. We are a family. And family takes care of one another. So, shop with us and use your loyalty program rewards, or visit us to start a relationship and get some!

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